Brendan Talks About Stuff: Thoughts on Homosexuality and Gay Marriage

Brendan Talks About Stuff | Thoughts on Homosexuality and Gay Marriage.

Hey y’all. This was posted earlier today by one of our peers at Wes.

A bit:

“But there are many gay people who are not as lucky as I am. There are gay kids that kill themselves every year due to bullying. There are straight kids who suffer bullying due to suspicions that they’re gay. Despite what some people may tell you, our society is not friendly toward homosexuality. Approximately 50% of LGBT kids experience some degree of rejection from their family, and those who experience a “high degree of rejection” are eight times more likely to attempt suicide than straight kids. That is something that must be changed. The happiness of a child should not be determined by their sexuality, and the happiness of a homosexual child should not be determined by the politics or religion of the family into which they are born.


That is why I support gay marriage.


Not because I might want to get married some day.

Not because I want to challenge the concept of “traditional marriage” held by religious groups.

Not because I want to stick it to conservatives.


I support it because it’s a step toward creating a more tolerant society.

I support it because I don’t think that an immutable part of someone’s identity should determine whether or not their marriage can be legally recognized.

I support it because a “domestic partnership” or “civil union” is not a marriage, and separate is not equal.

I support it because kids who reach middle school should be able to look at happily married gay couples and know that it gets better.”




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