Buzzfeed: Northwestern Students Against Marriage Equality

Most of the time, I am overcome with such frustration over the institution of marriage in the U.S. that I simply ignore the fight for same-sex marriage. Still, given the choice to vote on its legalization, I would absolutely vote yes. Only now that I’ve questioned the idea of marriage, mostly because it’s a right not available to me, have I been able to really see its faults as an institution.

Then, there’s those who vote against same-sex marriage. Here’s a bunch of kids proudly proclaiming their open discrimination because they’re… sheep. They’ve probably never questioned marriage as institution, never thought outside of their box. And judging by the limited quality of their reasons for voting down same-sex marriage, they’ve probably never put much of their own thoughts into it beyond taking the word of their pastors or parents or family members verbatim.

I don’t think I’ve gone a day without thinking about marriage this semester. I’ve ended up thinking so much about it that I can’t formulate a definite opinion on the matter. Then there’s those opposed. They hold these ridiculously abrasive opinions because they’ve never questioned, never thought they might be wrong. Privilege has blinded them to their ignorance. And then there’s this guy, who just clearly doesn’t know what the fuck is up:

Anyhow, thought I’d share. ESPECIALLY considering I’m fairly sure I met the girl in photo #9 at a leadership conference once. I only remember because… well, now I realize it was probably cause I thought she was cute. LOL. Still looks like she did when she was 14 (which is not cute).

Oh, and because of number #11. It’s just so simple. All he’s saying is, “I’m straight. So you should be too!”

Happy Election Day, y’all.


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