QueerWes Meeting Notes, November 7th

So, due to a snow storm and Cherríe Moraga being in town as Ajùa Campos’s Keynote Speaker, the QueerWes meeting this week didn’t really happen. Here’s all you need to know:

1) Queer Retreat is currently scheduled for December 2nd-3rd. Keep an eye out for more information! And if you have any great suggestions for activities, let us know!

2) If you’d like to be a part of the QueerWes blog, email irode@wesleyan.edu!

3) We’re considering writing a letter to be put in all Wesleyan mailboxes to tell all students about the queer resources available at Wes. We think this might be a great idea so that we can be sure every student is aware of what’s available. If you have any interest in contributing to the statement, which should consist of our expressing our inclusivity, the fluidity of queer identities, and a general welcome to be part of QueerWes and queer life, then let Izzy know! Other resources we plan on including are
-QRC location and interns
-establishing that QueerWes meetings and nights always take place on Wednesdays at 7:30pm
-the endless acronym listserv exists
-letting everyone know Open House is located at 154 Church
and potentially anything else you think should be included.

4) Margot Weiss is going to facilitate a QueerWes-sponsored discussion around the subject of “Justice for Queers” on November 28th @6pm in the Open House living room (Bayit living room if OHo fills up like last time). Dinner will be served!

And that’s it for now, folks. See you next Wednesday!

Oh, and happy election week, yo:

Fun fact: One time the man I always buy from at Sunoco asked me if I was related to Rachel Maddow.


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