Every time I go home

I think of this video Virgil showed me. I feel like, as Wes students and often from so-called-liberal areas of the country, we are tempted to think like Dan Savage initially did– everyone should come out for the cause and they will eventually find acceptance. Not necessarily true. At all.




by | January 12, 2013 · 6:09 pm

3 responses to “Every time I go home

  1. I think he’s extremely rude for saying that people that don’t come out when they’re older are cowards and lack morals and integrity. I feel it’s also hard for him to take a step back from ideal thinking and look at the reality of people’s lives.

    • Anonymous

      Even though I don’t think he says it in the most productive way, I do think he makes an important point. Granted, he’s operating under the assumption that a 30 year-old person doesn’t rely on their family– which they might. But I think at 30, for most people, not coming likely means a person feels shame over being queer– and that only perpetuates homophobia when they likely have the ability to combat it by being honest with themselves and family. Or something.

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