QueerWes Meeting 2/13

Spring 2013 Meeting #2

Attendance: Shauna, Vivianne, Amelia, Joel, Katy, Michael, Bing, Izzy

1. Fran Koerting, Director of Residential Life, joins us to talk about wording for the freshman housing preference form. General confusion is discussed as well as prior university attempts. Consensus is reached that except for a few small changes, the current form and system does a good job of placing freshmen, allowing them to present concerns, and not outting anyone. Any questions, comments, ideas, suggestions, etc.– feel free to contact Fran Koerting (fkoerting@wesleyan.edu).

2. Queer Intern Katy not on Endless Acronym listserv?!

3. QRC: Katy’s alphabetizing books and some decorations have been put up.

4. We discuss events we might want to put on this semester. Izzy will bring event planning sheets next week so everyone can get planning and putting on events.

5. Queer Prom update: both Eclectic and Psi U will be discussing allowing us to have Queer Prom at their houses at their chapter meetings on Sunday. JOEL JOINS QUEER PROM COMMITTEE. MAYBE AMELIA DID TOO?!

6. Hedwig and the Angry Inch: musical or rock opera? Musical, we think. Michael’s bringing it to the film series, at any rate.

Anyhow, come next week for snacks and specific tasks for events and such. Bring a friend!

<3, QueerWes


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