QueerWes Meeting 2/20


Attendance: Vivianne, Izzy, Songyi, Madalena, Bing


1. APPLY TO LIVE IN OPEN HOUSE. Applications due on Monday at noon! Living in Open House allows residents to share a common queer experience and also provides the opportunity to be more involved with queer life at Wes.

1.5. QUEER PROM will certainly take place on APRIL 13TH at PSI U. MARK YOUR CALENDARS. Queer Prom committee will convene soon, potentially pre-meeting next week.

2. Visibility Initiatives
We’d love to make a conscious effort to be an incredibly present part of this campus. Also, increased visibility hopefully will lead to students being more comfortable being part of the queer community. We brainstormed some ideas for including the whole campus and being more visible, such as:
Queer T-shirts (shout-out to SOPHIE MASSEY for taking the initiative to organize this project and VIRGIL TAYLOR for designing the shirts!) Also, having a queer t-shirt day where everyone who ordered a shirt wears them– perhaps take a picture together on Foss or in Usdan or in front of Olin.
Other small signifiers we can hand out. ideas suggested: pins, bracelets, hair extensions (though idea quickly nixed)
Queer Day on the hill. On a spring day, we’d love to queer up Foss. We’d hand out pins or bracelets, somehow give other students a chance to show their support for queer persons at Wes (sign something, contribute to some bigger art project….Ideas welcome! We’re thinking of doing this at WesFest, so please come to the meeting next week or email irode@wesleyan.edu to discuss ideas!

3. Decided that 7:30 is simply a bad time for snacks. BUT WILL CONTINUE TO BRING THEM DAMMIT. Charlotte stops by and eats Cheez-its and Izzy swoons.

4. Individual tasks
In hopes of attracting more students to events as well as getting more lovelies involved, each member at the meeting discusses what they’ll work on for QueerWes this semester. We’re more than happy to have more help!
-Vivianne will draft an all-campus letter to be put in mailboxes. (content unclear thusfar but suggestions have included but are not limited to: WE ARE HERE AND WE ARE QUEER AND EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW, we welcome queers and allies with open arms, updated campus resources, events for the spring semester, FUCK THE STATUS QUO) Vivianne will also make poster for Consciousness Raising Group that will take place (ideally) next weekend on Friday or Saturday over a potluck.
-Madalena takes charge in figuring out logistics both for writing a QUEERWES MANIFESTO and QUEERED SPEED-FRIENDING.
-A lovely (absent) Ben will be helping with new Consciousness Raising Groups. These will be super informal discussions over a potluck, hopefully taking place at a different, safe location every couples weeks or so. Vivianne suggests first one being on the subject of “Queer @ Wes” so people can meet and discuss general experiences before delving into subjects such as Race and Queerness, Bisexuality, Gender presentation and society, our role as queers, etc. Shout-out to Ashe Kilbourne as these are in many ways modeled after the Trans*/Gender Collective she helped organize.

WHEW that was a lot. see y’all next week! 

<3 QueerWes



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