Fraternity Helps Prospective Brother Fund Top Surgery

Gawker article

These men from a fraternity at Emerson College raised enough money (and more) to fund a prospective brother’s top surgery. I think this bring a TON of important things to light from fantastic to frustrating. I think it’s a happy moment in that this fraternity is openly embracing a brother even though, by some ridiculous societal standards, some would not choose to see him as a “brother”. In this way, I think this is fantastic. This cause also brings a lot of things to mind that are queerly frustrating, such as the fact that even though this particular fraternity at a progressive school is embracing this man, this does not apply to most cases. Also, I thought the entire time of less privileged transgender and transexual individuals who cannot afford surgeries they need and insurance won’t cover as well as those who lack support and others to work to help find them the money. Food for thought.


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by | February 27, 2013 · 2:51 pm

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