National Coming Out Week!


Hi folks!

Here’s what’s coming up for National Coming Out Week (Starting October 7th!)

Monday: Queer Allies
We’re going to start the week off with an allies’ event. Come by Usdan during lunch where we will be tabling with rainbow ‘Ally’ stickers to support the queer community and spread visibility.

Tuesday: Queer Athlete’s Potluck
There will be a a potluck at the Queer Resource Center Intern’s house (59 Pearl at 7pm) for queer athletes to come share their experiences and some wonderful food! Email for directions

Wednesday: Famous Flamers
Come to Usdan 108 at 7pm for a fascinating presentation on queer history by Suzy Taraba, the Director of Special collections and archives.

Thursday: Queer Bedtime Stories
At 8pm join us in the Nicholson lounge to share stories of queerness, whether it is your own coming out stories or the experience of someone you know.

Friday: I’m coming out as…
On National Coming Out day, in and around Usdan come out! Look for ‘I’m coming out as..’ signs to join the campaign and represent what you are coming out as, whether it is vegetarian, queer or an anarchist.

Hope you enjoy this week!

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