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Donnie Collins

Donnie Collins is a Phi Alpha Tau brother atĀ EmersonĀ College who will be coming to Wesleyan to share his story about positive fraternity experiences as a transgender student.
After his insurance claim for top surgery was denied (this decision has since been revoked), the brothers of Phi Alpha Tau joined together and raised more than twice the amount of money needed to pay for their pledge’s top surgery. Donnie (now also a Tau brother) could not have been more grateful. In a society that frequently shames greek life for not being accepting, particularly of the queer community, it is refreshing to see an example of the positive impacts that greek life can have.
This event will be mostly Q&A so come with lots of questions!
Hosted by the Wesleyan Chapters of
Alpha Delta Phi,
Alpha Epsilon Pi,
Beta Theta Pi,
Delta Kappa Epsilon,
Psi Upsilon and
Rho Epsilon Pi,
as well as Open House
Brought to you by the Queer Resource Center Interns
Sponsored by the Adelphic Educational Fund

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