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National Coming Out Week!


Hi folks!

Here’s what’s coming up for National Coming Out Week (Starting October 7th!)

Monday: Queer Allies
We’re going to start the week off with an allies’ event. Come by Usdan during lunch where we will be tabling with rainbow ‘Ally’ stickers to support the queer community and spread visibility.

Tuesday: Queer Athlete’s Potluck
There will be a a potluck at the Queer Resource Center Intern’s house (59 Pearl at 7pm) for queer athletes to come share their experiences and some wonderful food! Email for directions

Wednesday: Famous Flamers
Come to Usdan 108 at 7pm for a fascinating presentation on queer history by Suzy Taraba, the Director of Special collections and archives.

Thursday: Queer Bedtime Stories
At 8pm join us in the Nicholson lounge to share stories of queerness, whether it is your own coming out stories or the experience of someone you know.

Friday: I’m coming out as…
On National Coming Out day, in and around Usdan come out! Look for ‘I’m coming out as..’ signs to join the campaign and represent what you are coming out as, whether it is vegetarian, queer or an anarchist.

Hope you enjoy this week!

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I hope you all are having lovely and successful summers! In preparation for a BIG year for QueerWes next year, WE’RE GONNA HAVE ELECTIONS. We’re going to expand leadership so the work is divided up, more focused, and more people can be involved in the group’s decisions. EVERYONE is welcome to apply (freshmen, you too!). 

Here are the positions and responsibilities I was thinking of*:
-Leads/plans group meetings/hang-outs
-act as leader in making decisions for QueerWes
-act as a resource for anyone concerned with all that is queer at Wes
Champion of Events
-Keep calendar of queer events across campus
-Work with Queer Organizing Committee as needed
-Act as contact for anyone on campus wanting Queerwes to be involved in their event
-Be at events and handle logistics
Money Manager
-Manage smartkey and SBC requests
-Go to SBC meetings when funding needs to be requested
-Put in SALD funding requests when needed
-Manage all things QueerWes blog related
-advertise blog
-recruit people to post on blog
Creative Director
-Make flyers/posters for events
-Potentially design or field designs for t-shirts
-Design queerwes logo
Queer Retreat Coordinator
-Be involved in any and all things relating to queer retreat
Queer Prom Coordinator
-Be involved in any and all things relating to queer prom
Queer Intern 
(not up for election, it’s the wonderful KATY THOMPSON. She’s just super involved and should be mentioned)
*all position names can be happily changed. these are little too resume-esque. 
-Position(s) you’re interested in
-Leadership positions you’ve held previously
-Why are you interested? 
-What effect do you hope to have on queer life at Wes?
-Can you commit to this position all year? (Are you going abroad, etc.? It won’t factor into decision– just so we know!)
any positions receiving more than one application will be up for a vote!
It may sound intense to become involved but it’s really not. It’s a lot of fun AND doesn’t require anything more than hanging out with a bunch of cool queer kids. 
All the best my loves– get at me! 

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Come meet and talk to pre-frosh about queer life at Wesleyan! Refreshments will be served.

(Facebook here)

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Donnie Collins

Donnie Collins is a Phi Alpha Tau brother at Emerson College who will be coming to Wesleyan to share his story about positive fraternity experiences as a transgender student.
After his insurance claim for top surgery was denied (this decision has since been revoked), the brothers of Phi Alpha Tau joined together and raised more than twice the amount of money needed to pay for their pledge’s top surgery. Donnie (now also a Tau brother) could not have been more grateful. In a society that frequently shames greek life for not being accepting, particularly of the queer community, it is refreshing to see an example of the positive impacts that greek life can have.
This event will be mostly Q&A so come with lots of questions!
Hosted by the Wesleyan Chapters of
Alpha Delta Phi,
Alpha Epsilon Pi,
Beta Theta Pi,
Delta Kappa Epsilon,
Psi Upsilon and
Rho Epsilon Pi,
as well as Open House
Brought to you by the Queer Resource Center Interns
Sponsored by the Adelphic Educational Fund

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April Convocation!

Date: April 1 (Tue)
Time: 4-6pm
Venue: Daniel Family Commons

Come join us in welcoming the intersecting identity month of April (Asian, Middle Eastern, Pacific Islander, Queer, Disability Rights Month)! Enjoy some light refreshments as students, staff and faculty share their personal stories on their identities, discuss what April means and its importance today and into the future!

Opening Address – Queer Resource Center Interns
Student Reflection – Taylor Dauphin (Class of 2015)
Student Reflection – Ashe Kilbourne (Class of 2014)
Staff Reflection – Kora Shin (Assistant Dean of Admissions)
Student Reflection – JJ Mitchell (Class of 2015)
Closing Address – Queer Resource Center Interns

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WeSlam and QueerWes present:

This Saturday. 7:30 PM. Alpha Delt main floor. Featuring Cameron Awkward-Rich and Sam Sax.

WeSLAM is back from spring break with a tan and a shorter attention span. Get ready for our second ever Short Poem Slam.

The rounds will go like this:
1st round: 1 minute poem
2nd round: 30 second poem
3rd round: 15 second poem (remember, haikus exist)

But that’s not all. The incredibly talented Cam Awkward-Rich (Wes ’11) and Sam Sax, also known as the Gay Pride Poetry Tour, will be featuring with a set of poetry that you do not want to miss.

In 2012, Cameron Awkward-Rich represented bay area venues at the National Poetry Slam, the Individual World Poetry Slam, and the College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational and made final stage in the latter two. Usually, you can find Cam on the train somewhere between his home in Oakland and Stanford University, where he is pursuing a PhD from the program in Modern Thought and Literature.

Sam Sax is a Michener fellow at UT Austin. He is Oakland’s first two-time queer Grand Slam Champion and Bay Area’s first Unified Grand Slam Champion. He has performed everywhere; from universities and slams to basements and alleyways. Sam now conducts workshops for queer youth at risk.

Come hear their mind blowing poetry. And some shortpoems. They will be short.

*If you’re interested in participating in the Short Poem Slam, send WeSLAM an e-mail (at between 5 PM on Wednesday and 5 PM on Friday.

Facebook event here.

P.S. Cameron is a personal hero of my and everyone should attend because he is THE BEST (and I bet Sam is pretty great too). See you there!

Love, Iz

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Fraternity Helps Prospective Brother Fund Top Surgery

Gawker article

These men from a fraternity at Emerson College raised enough money (and more) to fund a prospective brother’s top surgery. I think this bring a TON of important things to light from fantastic to frustrating. I think it’s a happy moment in that this fraternity is openly embracing a brother even though, by some ridiculous societal standards, some would not choose to see him as a “brother”. In this way, I think this is fantastic. This cause also brings a lot of things to mind that are queerly frustrating, such as the fact that even though this particular fraternity at a progressive school is embracing this man, this does not apply to most cases. Also, I thought the entire time of less privileged transgender and transexual individuals who cannot afford surgeries they need and insurance won’t cover as well as those who lack support and others to work to help find them the money. Food for thought.

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by | February 27, 2013 · 2:51 pm