WeSlam and QueerWes present:

This Saturday. 7:30 PM. Alpha Delt main floor. Featuring Cameron Awkward-Rich and Sam Sax.

WeSLAM is back from spring break with a tan and a shorter attention span. Get ready for our second ever Short Poem Slam.

The rounds will go like this:
1st round: 1 minute poem
2nd round: 30 second poem
3rd round: 15 second poem (remember, haikus exist)

But that’s not all. The incredibly talented Cam Awkward-Rich (Wes ’11) and Sam Sax, also known as the Gay Pride Poetry Tour, will be featuring with a set of poetry that you do not want to miss.

In 2012, Cameron Awkward-Rich represented bay area venues at the National Poetry Slam, the Individual World Poetry Slam, and the College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational and made final stage in the latter two. Usually, you can find Cam on the train somewhere between his home in Oakland and Stanford University, where he is pursuing a PhD from the program in Modern Thought and Literature.

Sam Sax is a Michener fellow at UT Austin. He is Oakland’s first two-time queer Grand Slam Champion and Bay Area’s first Unified Grand Slam Champion. He has performed everywhere; from universities and slams to basements and alleyways. Sam now conducts workshops for queer youth at risk.

Come hear their mind blowing poetry. And some shortpoems. They will be short.

*If you’re interested in participating in the Short Poem Slam, send WeSLAM an e-mail (at between 5 PM on Wednesday and 5 PM on Friday.

Facebook event here.

P.S. Cameron is a personal hero of my and everyone should attend because he is THE BEST (and I bet Sam is pretty great too). See you there!

Love, Iz


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Fraternity Helps Prospective Brother Fund Top Surgery

Gawker article

These men from a fraternity at Emerson College raised enough money (and more) to fund a prospective brother’s top surgery. I think this bring a TON of important things to light from fantastic to frustrating. I think it’s a happy moment in that this fraternity is openly embracing a brother even though, by some ridiculous societal standards, some would not choose to see him as a “brother”. In this way, I think this is fantastic. This cause also brings a lot of things to mind that are queerly frustrating, such as the fact that even though this particular fraternity at a progressive school is embracing this man, this does not apply to most cases. Also, I thought the entire time of less privileged transgender and transexual individuals who cannot afford surgeries they need and insurance won’t cover as well as those who lack support and others to work to help find them the money. Food for thought.

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QueerWes Meeting 2/20


Attendance: Vivianne, Izzy, Songyi, Madalena, Bing


1. APPLY TO LIVE IN OPEN HOUSE. Applications due on Monday at noon! Living in Open House allows residents to share a common queer experience and also provides the opportunity to be more involved with queer life at Wes.

1.5. QUEER PROM will certainly take place on APRIL 13TH at PSI U. MARK YOUR CALENDARS. Queer Prom committee will convene soon, potentially pre-meeting next week.

2. Visibility Initiatives
We’d love to make a conscious effort to be an incredibly present part of this campus. Also, increased visibility hopefully will lead to students being more comfortable being part of the queer community. We brainstormed some ideas for including the whole campus and being more visible, such as:
Queer T-shirts (shout-out to SOPHIE MASSEY for taking the initiative to organize this project and VIRGIL TAYLOR for designing the shirts!) Also, having a queer t-shirt day where everyone who ordered a shirt wears them– perhaps take a picture together on Foss or in Usdan or in front of Olin.
Other small signifiers we can hand out. ideas suggested: pins, bracelets, hair extensions (though idea quickly nixed)
Queer Day on the hill. On a spring day, we’d love to queer up Foss. We’d hand out pins or bracelets, somehow give other students a chance to show their support for queer persons at Wes (sign something, contribute to some bigger art project….Ideas welcome! We’re thinking of doing this at WesFest, so please come to the meeting next week or email to discuss ideas!

3. Decided that 7:30 is simply a bad time for snacks. BUT WILL CONTINUE TO BRING THEM DAMMIT. Charlotte stops by and eats Cheez-its and Izzy swoons.

4. Individual tasks
In hopes of attracting more students to events as well as getting more lovelies involved, each member at the meeting discusses what they’ll work on for QueerWes this semester. We’re more than happy to have more help!
-Vivianne will draft an all-campus letter to be put in mailboxes. (content unclear thusfar but suggestions have included but are not limited to: WE ARE HERE AND WE ARE QUEER AND EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW, we welcome queers and allies with open arms, updated campus resources, events for the spring semester, FUCK THE STATUS QUO) Vivianne will also make poster for Consciousness Raising Group that will take place (ideally) next weekend on Friday or Saturday over a potluck.
-Madalena takes charge in figuring out logistics both for writing a QUEERWES MANIFESTO and QUEERED SPEED-FRIENDING.
-A lovely (absent) Ben will be helping with new Consciousness Raising Groups. These will be super informal discussions over a potluck, hopefully taking place at a different, safe location every couples weeks or so. Vivianne suggests first one being on the subject of “Queer @ Wes” so people can meet and discuss general experiences before delving into subjects such as Race and Queerness, Bisexuality, Gender presentation and society, our role as queers, etc. Shout-out to Ashe Kilbourne as these are in many ways modeled after the Trans*/Gender Collective she helped organize.

WHEW that was a lot. see y’all next week! 

<3 QueerWes


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The Marriage Plot: Inside This Year’s Epic Campaign for Gay Equality

I’m doing a project on marriage equality, and I found this link particularly illuminating for anyone who might be interested in what kind of went down in this past election cycle when it comes to marriage equality.

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^^das a link.

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Social Justice Leadership Conference (23 Feb 2013)

Presented by Student Activities and Leadership Development, Wesleyan Student Assembly, and Usdan University Center:

This Saturday, come to the Social Justice Leadership Conference! There will be brunch+keynote, followed by 3 blocks of 9 sessions!

The full schedule and session write-ups can be seen here:

Register here so we know to get you food!



11-12pm (DFC Usdan)
P.Davis Smith, M.D.

12:10-1pm (41 Wyllys)
• Denying Dischord: The Effect of Explicit and Implicit Bias on Representation of Sexual Assault
• Constructing Racial Bridges Through Literature
• Radical Accessibility

1:10-2pm (41 Wyllys)
• Servant Leadership: Theory and Practice
• Flashmob: The Prospect of Using Dance to  Fight for Social Justice
• Racial Segregation at Wesleyan

2:10-3pm (41 Wyllys)
• When Faith and Justice Collide
• The Privilege of Allyship
• Racial Identity Formation

3-4pm (DFC Usdan)

Registration begins at 10:30am in the DFC


The Social Justice Leadership Conference (SJLC) is a collaborative effort which provides a space for students, student groups, community members, alumni, faculty, and staff to discuss social justice and to learn and refine leadership skills. SJLC seeks to empower its participants to create change by applying the skills and knowledge acquired during the conference.

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QueerWes Meeting 2/13

Spring 2013 Meeting #2

Attendance: Shauna, Vivianne, Amelia, Joel, Katy, Michael, Bing, Izzy

1. Fran Koerting, Director of Residential Life, joins us to talk about wording for the freshman housing preference form. General confusion is discussed as well as prior university attempts. Consensus is reached that except for a few small changes, the current form and system does a good job of placing freshmen, allowing them to present concerns, and not outting anyone. Any questions, comments, ideas, suggestions, etc.– feel free to contact Fran Koerting (

2. Queer Intern Katy not on Endless Acronym listserv?!

3. QRC: Katy’s alphabetizing books and some decorations have been put up.

4. We discuss events we might want to put on this semester. Izzy will bring event planning sheets next week so everyone can get planning and putting on events.

5. Queer Prom update: both Eclectic and Psi U will be discussing allowing us to have Queer Prom at their houses at their chapter meetings on Sunday. JOEL JOINS QUEER PROM COMMITTEE. MAYBE AMELIA DID TOO?!

6. Hedwig and the Angry Inch: musical or rock opera? Musical, we think. Michael’s bringing it to the film series, at any rate.

Anyhow, come next week for snacks and specific tasks for events and such. Bring a friend!

<3, QueerWes

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